Important Factors to Consider for Choosing a Modern Rug

With the modern rugs available in a variety of fiber composition, color and style, home owners have a wide variety of rugs to choose from. If you are one such home maker looking to select the right type of rug from the available collection of modern rugs that match your home, the following section contains useful information regarding the different factors that need to be considered for choosing a particular modern home rug.

The different factors that need to be considered for selecting a modern rug suitable for your home include
1. Rug construction type
2. Color of the rug
3. Rugs meeting the right quality and performance requirements
4. Cushion quality
5. Indoor Air quality
6. Factors like the presence of pets in home

Rug construction type

Based on the type of yarn used and the work that has been done on the yarn fiber, modern rug types fall under the following categories

1. Cut pile Construction
This is one of the most traditional forms of fiber forms used where the fiber is twisted to the highest degree possible. Due to this, this type of rug construction is extremely suitable for areas that can handle high traffic. This is particularly suitable for use in the living room, where there is maximum traffic.

2. Level Loop Pile
This is another type of pattern that is perfectly suitable for high traffic areas. Compared to the cut pile construction, the level loop pile provides a more informal look to the room. Loop pile rugs with darker color yarn fabric in a light background have become of the most commonly used rugs in the homes.

3. Cut Loop pile
This type of pile construction is perfectly suitable for modern homes. Using the combination of the cut and loop patterns, sculpted 3 -Dimension effects shapes such as Squares, Chevrons and Swirls can be obtained on the rug. These multi layered and multi colored rugs are one of the best options available for home with pets.

Color of the rugs
One of the main requirements for choosing rugs of a particular color is the color and pattern available in the furniture and draperies available in the room. Dark colored rugs are perfectly suitable for home with pets. Some of the other colors that are becoming popular are the environmental colors such as dark green, blue, quartz and stone.

Performance requirements
The quality of the rug is usually determined by the strength of the yarn fiber and the amount of torque that has been applied to it. These rugs are usually considered to be long lasting and durable in nature.

Cushion Quality
Another factor that determines the selection of modern rugs is the quality of cushion that is used below the rugs. As the cushion forms the foundation of the carpet, it needs to have certain characteristics that would match the type of carpet that is being used on top of it. For cut loop carpets, a thicker cushion material is usually preferred. For cut pile type, a thinner cushion works well.

Indoor Air Quality
Carpets that emit the least Volatile organic compound have to be preferred over the other types of carpets. These carpets emits very little Volatile organic compound as they absorb the allergens and dirt and improve the quality of air.
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