House Cleaning Tips

Many people face the problem of maintaining a tidy and clean home. But this can be an easy stuff though most of us don't know this. With the help of some simple techniques keeping a clean home can be an easy task. Below are some simple tips that can help in keeping your house clean, without constant and tedious cleaning.

*The first step of keeping a tidy home is learning proper organisational practices. An untidy home is hard to clean and maintain. A more organized home with less random stuff all over the house is very easy to maintain. A home with more clear surfaces, less accessories and useless items will make the whole area easy to clean, and also make the place more comfortable and appealing.
Have an organized home by sorting your wardrobe and shelves; keep the old possessions that have less use for you away. This way you will get a simple tidy home.

*Have a stock of cleaning supplies, a full supply of rags, dusters, soaps, cleaning solutions and any other cleaners.

*When you get home, don't set everything on your kitchen table, or any other catch-all area, instead put your items in their intended spot. Store your shoes in a closet, dishes in their dishwasher and mail items or papers in your file cabinet or office area. This greatly reduces the visual cluster.

*Create a checklist for every room. For example, your kitchen might include cleaning the sink, wiping down the counter, loading, wiping down appliances and emptying the dishwasher.
When you post this on each room, your tasks becomes automatic.

*Designate a certain amount of time every day to clean your home. Select a certain time of the day to do your cleaning, this will turn your efforts into a habit. Regular cleaning involves little work compared to doing it all at once which may be tedious and time consuming. You can spend 15 - 30 minutes each day to do your cleaning, you can even choose to do this every morning; it can sometime prove to be a good physical exercise.

*In the kitchen, the two most important things that should be cleaned daily are the utensils and the counter top. Never leave your utensils pending for washing because it's unhealthy and unhygienic and above all dry gunk will consume a lot of your time and effort scrubbing it off. Over the weekends, empty your refrigerator of all bad food and clean with a wet cloth inside. Check on the sink too since the constant moisture encourages growth of fungus.
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