Brass Picture Frames

Brass is an extremely common material used in the manufacture of picture frames. It has been used for many years and is often seen as giving any picture, photograph or piece of art a sense of class or reverence which another material may not be able to provide.

Because homeowners now tend to go for an eclectic range of styles and trends when decorating their property, brass is seen as being a way to infuse a classic, Edwardian or Victorian or even gothic feel to a property and a room and it seems only natural that any material which can has these characteristics is an ideal material for picture frames.

What is Brass?

Although many people think that it is a naturally occurring mineral, brass is in fact an alloy which means that it is created from two separate entities. In the case of brass the two entities are zinc and copper and these can be altered during manufacturing to give various properties as desired.

Although it is often confused with brass because the two appear similar, bronze is also an alloy of copper and in the past the two have been interlinked to essentially mean the same material.
The main reason for brass was historically where a user required a material which appeared similar to gold but where a low friction rate was needed. The fact that it’s light weight has also meant that in the past it could be used for armour and fixings on doors and furniture although it is now more likely to be used in a decorative capacity.

Varieties of Brass

As has already been stated, because it is an alloy, brass can be made in a variety of ways to give it additional properties: for example, the brass which is used to make instruments is made up from a different concentration than the brass which is used to make statues and in stark comparison, the brass which is used to make picture frames is also likely to be different.
For example, Admiralty brass s made up from 30% zinc, and 1% tin along with 69% copper whilst Alpha Brass is made from less that 35% zinc and the remainder copper and because of the low amount of zinc are extremely malleable and can be worked cold.

In comparison, Alpha-beta brass (also known as Muntz metal) is made from 35 – 35% zinc and is worked when hot.

Manufacturing Picture Frames

It goes without saying that the production techniques used to make brass picture frames will be decided and altered by the particular brass and the concentration of its’ alloys. Many manufacturers select an alloy based the cost, various principles, the manufacturing techniques they can use during production and which will give them the effect they are looking for.
Brass is often used cold or hot, depending on the particular concentration and picture frames made from brass will either be made from a mould into which molten brass is poured and allowed to set or knocked and hammered into shape.

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