10 Very Easy Steps to Professionally Installing a Toilet in the Bathroom

If one intends to completely revamp his bathroom, then one must change all the fixtures that are in that space, especially if they are not functioning well anymore. Changing the fixtures can save lots of money that would have been spent on fixing the damages that will be caused by the old equipments later on. The toilet is one of the most common equipment that is changed for a bathroom makeover.

Anyone can remove and install a new toilet. It may seem a work that is done only by professional but in reality, anyone can be a professional in replacing a toilet. There are just certain simple instructions that must be followed in order to successfully do the task.

1. Turn off the toilet's water supply. Empty the tank by flushing the toilet repeatedly. As for the bowl, you can do some scooping until it is out of water. If the old toilet bowl has water left in it, it would drip when the bowl is uninstalled, causing some possible water damages.

2. Detach the toilet tank from the bowl. Remove the screws which connect the toilet bowl to its source of water. Also remove the caps on the toilet's base as well as the nuts underneath it.

3. With a utility knife, slice that caulk connecting the bowl and the floor. Strongly shake the bowl side to side to free it. Once it is completely detached, get rid of the wax gasket with the same knife. Utilize a rag in blocking the drain pipe to stop the escape of sewer gas.

4. Place a new wax gasket on the opening of the new toilet bowl. Make sure that the one facing away from the bowl is the tapered side. Also ensure that the toilet flange is firm and not rotten. The flange is the one that rests on the top of the floor and is connected to a band that is fitting through the floor.

5. Replace the wax ring to be used for the drain pipe. The ring should be guaranteed to fit well on the drain pipe so that it will seal the sewer gas completely.

6. Remove the rag used to block the drain pipe. Make a small application of the caulk to the toilet's base, put the bowl on place at the top of the flange and push it downwards.

7. Attach the bowl on the floor by screwing the bowl's base. Be careful not to tighten the screws hardly as cracks might develop if the toilet is made of porcelain. Cover the nuts and screws with cap filled with plumbers' putty.

8. Attach the new toilet tank by connecting the tank's base and bolts over some specific holes on the top side of the bowl. Secure the tank with nuts and washers. Assure that the tank is in a perfect horizontal position.

9. Connect the water supply line to the tank and turn it on to start filling the tank. See if there are any drips.

10. Finally, apply caulk on the base of the toilet to create a seal. This is also to prevent the toilet from rocking when someone sits on it. Remove the smudges and go for a tidy finish.
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